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Mary Beth(non-registered)
Awesome work!
Lovely photos! I especially like the water on rocks at dusk photo. It was great to meet you and your wife today at the Lucky Luciano's show. Perhaps we will see each other again at a show. ~Leslie
These are great, Scott!

I actually have a client right now who is in need of some nature images for her website. Shoot me an email and maybe we can chat about using some of yours?

Also, sign me up for the newsletter!
Ron Silliman(non-registered)

Great stuff,

Libby Mills(non-registered)
I found myself dodging a raindrop about to fall from the petal of a tiny flower, needing a sip of water from a dusty view of a mountain ahead and experiencing serenity in the snow...but with a pinch to my arm, I was reminded these were photographs I was viewing from my computer. Thank you for sharing your site (and sight) with me.
Cheryl Dowd(non-registered)
You are the best! Question - what database software are you using for this website? Acccess?
Cathy Kolongowski(non-registered)
Hi Scott,

Nice seeing you at Drexel yesterday! These pictures are beautiful!!
Richard Wack(non-registered)
Please add me.

Geoffrey Karabin(non-registered)
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